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What Does a UV Air Purifier Do?

Tuesday, July 29th, 2014

Indoor air quality is important: it helps with comfort and the health of your family. But not all air cleaners do the same thing, especially when it comes to biological pollutants. Some air cleaners with higher MERV ratings can capture biological pollutants that are larger in size, but to truly eradicate microbes like bacteria, viruses and mold and mildew spores, you’ll want to look at how a UV air purifier in Port Aransas can help you.

What Is a UV Air Purifier?

A UV air purifier, also known as UV germicidal lighting or UV lights, is an air purifier that destroys the DNA of biological pollutants, rendering them incapable of reproducing or sustaining life. A UV air purifier accomplishes this by using the radiation from UV-C light rays.

Where Is It Installed?

Placement is flexible, but a common spot is the evaporator unit in your air conditioning system, typically over the coils. This helps keep your coils free from developing growths like mold and algae while also purifying the air that passes under the lighting.

Will a UV Air Purifier Remove Dust and Dirt?

A UV purifier is not a filter; as such, it does not capture and collect dust and dirt. If you are concerned about dust and dirt, it is recommended that you pair UV lighting with an air filter.

How Often Does a UV Air Purifier Operate?

Unlike air filters that only capture particles when your system is in operation, UV lighting operates 24/7. The amount of electricity they use is small, about 7 cents per day.

What Are Some Other Benefits of UV Lighting?

  • Over 99% effectiveness in killing biological pollutants
  • Flexible placement, including in vents and over the coils of your system
  • Helps with your air conditioner’s energy efficiency by killing off mold and other biological debris that can affect the operation of your system


UV lighting is relatively easy to maintain. The most important step is to make sure the light bulbs don’t become covered with dust; if they do, clean them off to maximize their continued performance. Secondly, UV lights last about a year, so it’s recommended the lights are changed annually, even if your current ones are still working.

For more information on how a UV air purifier in Port Aransas can help you, call Justice Air Conditioning & Heating and schedule an appointment with one of our specialists today.

Why You Need Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Your commercial air conditioning system gets a lot of use over the summer, helping you keep customers, clients, tenants, or employees feeling comfortable. However, this extended use can lead to eventual breakdowns, which means you’ll need repair services done quickly and reliably. If you run into problems with your commercial AC system in Rockland, don’t wait to schedule repairs. Here are some reasons you should consider commercial air conditioning repair today.

A broken air conditioner can be discouraging for anyone who uses your commercial property. Tenants and employees may have complaints while clients and customers may take their business elsewhere. Business suffers without proper climate control, and scheduling repairs immediately can reflect positively on your image, showing that you are committed to the comfort of everyone in the building.

Furthermore, repair needs can sometimes escalate into larger problems later on. If you hear a strange noise or notice limited cooling, you may think that you can wait a little longer to address the problem. However, even if it doesn’t appear to be an emergency, anything out of place is an indicator that your system is in trouble. Fixing your leaking refrigerant now, for example, can prevent the possibility of a damaged compressor later, a more costly repair.

Problems with your air conditioner can also cause your system to consume a lot of energy, costing you money every month. If you notice higher-than-average energy bills, it may be time to schedule repairs. High energy bills may be caused by leaking refrigerant, faulty wiring, a blocked coil or a damaged compressor.

Waiting too long for commercial air conditioning repair in Rockland can turn into a huge hassle. You’re busy managing your commercial property, so a sudden breakdown would be quite an inconvenience for you and the people who use your property. You also want the job done right the first time, so you need a technician who is experienced in large-scale commercial air conditioning repairs.

When you need commercial air conditioning repair in Rockport, call one of the qualified technicians at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating.

How Does Zone Air Conditioning Work?

Monday, July 14th, 2014

Imagine being able to achieve comfort for all the people in your home while maintaining energy efficiency. You can – with a zone control system. Zone control systems give you a level of control over your cooling you simply can’t achieve with a single-set thermostat. Temperatures change throughout the day, making it difficult to maintain an even temperature inside your home. With zone air conditioning, you gain the ability to cool your Port Aransas home evenly, creating comfort and efficiency.

How It Works

A system of motorized dampers is installed into your ductwork. Each damper is connected to a thermostat that controls it. If more cooling is needed, the damper opens; if less, then it closes. Zones are designated by the property owner and can be individual rooms, separate floors or different wings of a home – it is up to you. The bottom line is that you cool what you want, when you want, and to the temperature that works best for you.

Benefits of Zone Air Conditioning

As we mentioned above, customized comfort is a big benefit of installing a zone control system, but there are other benefits worth considering:

  • Better energy efficiency – when you can tailor the amount of cooling you use, you can save energy – and money – because you are no longer cooling areas that don’t need it. As such, your energy consumption goes down.
  • Less stress on your system – being able to cool as needed typically leads to less usage of your air conditioner. Less operation means less wear-and-tear to your system.
  • Convenience – zone thermostats can be programmable, enabling you to program temperatures for times of day, days of the week, etc.

Hire a Professional

A zone control system is easy to use and can offer your property multiple benefits, but installation is complex; as such, it’s best to work with a trained professional.

If better control over your air conditioning is what you seek this summer, call Justice Air Conditioning & Heating and speak with our experts.

3 Benefits of Air Conditioning Maintenance

Monday, July 7th, 2014

Your air conditioning is working well, so you don’t need a technician to take a look at it anytime soon, right? Not quite! Even if your system is running smoothly, a sudden breakdown in the middle of the Texas summer is always a possibility. You can reduce the chances of this with regular maintenance. Still not convinced? We’ve put together a list of 3 benefits of air conditioning maintenance.

1. Better Performance

If you schedule maintenance for your air conditioning unit once a year, it’s likely to perform better than it did before. During maintenance, a professional technician will inspect your system for damages, clean any dirty components, and perform any necessary adjustments. Dirty parts often cause your system to run less efficiently than you would like. It may take your system longer than necessary to cool your home, or you may feel like your home doesn’t quite reach the expected temperature at all. Cleaning the indoor and outdoor coils helps to regulate this so that you’ll feel cooler for the rest of the summer.

2. Higher Energy Efficiency

Problems with your system means your AC has to work hard to keep you cool. With one cleaning and refrigerant adjustment by a technician, your air conditioner will work as it should, resulting in increased efficiency. In fact, the cost of maintenance can certainly be worth the savings on your energy bill. The technician can also tell you if anything is inhibiting energy efficiency or if your system should be replaced with a more efficient one, so you can rest assured that you’re not paying more every month than you should be.

3. Peace of Mind

Finally, scheduling once-a-year maintenance gives you peace of mind. In Alice, you can’t afford a sudden costly AC breakdown. Maintaining your system helps to prevent further damage to your system caused by loose or dirty components. A technician can tell you about any parts of your system that need repair, so they won’t fail when you need your AC the most.

Justice Air Conditioning & Heating offers professional air conditioning maintenance in Alice. If you want your AC to last for years to come, call us to schedule a maintenance visit today!

Denmark Also Celebrates the Fourth of July

Friday, July 4th, 2014

Maybe an elementary school teacher tried to trip you up with this test question: “Do other countries have a Fourth of July?” If the teacher had phrased the question as, “Do other countries celebrate the Fourth of July?” you would be less likely to slip up and answer “no.”

Except… and your teacher probably didn’t know this at the time… there is another country that celebrates the Fourth of July. They don’t celebrate a holiday that happens to fall on July 4 (there are quite a few of those spread across the globe), but the actually celebrate U.S. Independence Day.

That country is—Denmark.

Every July 4, in the Rebild Region in the north of Denmark, thousands of people gather in Rebild National Park to hold the largest Fourth of July celebration outside the U.S.A., an events known as Rebildfesten. This tradition has continued for over a hundred years now, starting in 1912. The origins of this unusual celebration is that in 1911 a ground of Danish Americans purchased the 140 acres of the parkland between the woods in Rold and the Lindenborg stream. The next year, they deeded the land to the Danish King and people of the country as a memorial to Danish Americans, under the condition that the place remain undeveloped, open to the public, and used to celebrate U.S. holidays. Today, the park also hosts a museum on the history of Danish immigrants to the U.S., housed inside a log cabin.

This display of solidarity with the U.S. is because of the country’s warm welcome of 300,000 Danish settlers who were among the earliest to migrate across the seas. The celebration continues as sign of the long friendship between the two nations.

Since its inception, the celebration has hosted famous speakers such as the members of the Danish royal family (the queen and princess both attended for the 100th anniversary), Walt Disney, Keith Carradine, and Richard Chamberlain. The festivities actually start two days earlier, but on the fourth is when the major parade is held (which marches over 3 miles from the train station) and the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra performs a selections of music from both countries.

Although we doubt you will be celebrating your Fourth of July in Denmark this year, we at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating hope you have a fantastic Independence Day.