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Common Problems with an AC Zone Control System

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Like other motorized systems, your zone control system may need repair at some point. There are some repairs unique to zone control systems, as we’ll outline below, but one thing to always keep in mind is that repair work should always be performed by a trained expert. The specialists at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating can help with all your AC zone control system needs in Ingleside, TX, from installation to repair, so call us today!

Problem #1: Issues with the Motorized Dampers

Components with moving parts are more prone to malfunction than those that are stationary; as such, the motorized dampers of your zone control system may become stuck or issues may develop with the motor of the damper. In either case, it’s important to allow a trained expert to handle the problem.

Problem #2: Problems with the Control Panel

The control panel is the central communication center for your zone control system, taking instruction from the thermostats in each zone and then telling which dampers to open and close in order to achieve and maintain the set temperatures. Given its job, the control panel is highly electrical, so most of the common problems that develop with the control panel are electrical in nature: frayed or corroded wiring, electrical shorts, etc. Finding and repairing problems with the control panel can be tricky, so call an expert for help.

Problem #3: Issues with a Thermostat

The thermostat in each zone of your home acts as the temperature control center; should a problem develop with the thermostat, there will be a problem with the cooling in that zone. Thermostats can have dusty instrumentation that affects its ability to work correctly, wiring issues or be incorrectly calibrated.

The whole reason to have zone controlled AC is to achieve comfort and better energy efficiency, so if you are experiencing issues with your zone system in Ingleside, TX, call for one of our experts today!

What Makes a Smart Thermostat Different from Other Thermostats?

Friday, March 20th, 2015

Your thermostat is the control center for your HVAC system, so it can be a great tool when it comes to saving energy. Today’s thermostats offer homeowners a level of control that they never had before, but when you install a smart thermostat, you get more than just great control over your system. Smart thermostats are more complicated to install than other types of thermostats so it’s important to hire an expert for your smart thermostat installation in Corpus Christi and the trained electrical experts at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating are here to help.

How Smart Thermostats Differ

The main difference between smart thermostats and programmable or digital ones is the smart thermostats have an interface that allow you to interact with your thermostat remotely. As such, smart thermostats can offer the following benefits:

  • They learn – most smart thermostats come with a learning capability that allows the system to learn your heating and cooling patterns which the unit will then apply to your home automatically. You can still program your smart thermostat, but you also have the back-up of owning a system that can heat and cool your home as needed on its own.
  • They work from anywhere there is wi-fi – using your smart device(s) and a downloadable app, you can access your smart thermostat from just about anywhere using a wi-fi connection.
  • They monitor and track energy usage – smart thermostats allow you to see how much energy you are using so that you can make adjustments to your heating and cooling accordingly. You can see reports right on your smart device in real-time and make any needed changes from your smart device.
  • They can adjust based on ambient conditions like humidity – once your smart thermostat understands your heating and cooling patterns, it can self-adjust when dealing with other conditions like too much or too little humidity.

If you’ve been looking for a thermostat that offers you tremendous control, remote access and the ability to truly understand your heating and cooling patterns it may be time to consider a smart thermostat in Corpus Christi.

Call us today and schedule a smart thermostat installation appointment with one of our HVAC technicians experts.

The Benefits of Scheduling Your Dehumidifier for Maintenance

Friday, March 13th, 2015

It’s no secret that it gets hot here, and part of the reason we get so hot is because of excess humidity. To help combat the effects of excessive moisture, many of our customers have whole-home dehumidifiers as part of their air conditioning systems. These devices work hard to remove excess humidity from the air before it can enter the air conditioning cycle, taking extra stress off your HVAC system and helping to improve comfort levels. If you have a whole-home dehumidifier, and you are scheduling spring maintenance for your AC, why not also schedule maintenance for your dehumidifier in Annaville? The experts at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating know how beneficial whole-home dehumidifiers can be to you, your family and your AC system, so call us today and schedule both your AC and your dehumidifier for annual maintenance!

Benefits of Maintenance

A great way to describe maintenance is to refer to it as a full tune-up, because that’s what it is. When our technician performs maintenance on your dehumidifier, he/she won’t just take a quick peek at it; the whole unit will be inspected, cleaned and tested for performance. Your home’s thermostat will also be inspected to ensure that the humidistat is working properly. What kind of benefits can you expect from your dehumidifier maintenance appointment? Here are some examples:

  • Prevention of repairs – the thorough inspection of your dehumidifier allows the technician to uncover any existing or developing problems and nip them in the bud; in turn, this helps get you ahead of potential repairs.
  • Cleanliness – your dehumidifier is a magnet for dust and dirt, and for biological contaminants such as mold, mildew and fungi. Why? Because the device is always managing water. Cleaning is a big part of a maintenance appointment, so you can rest assured that your dehumidifier will be properly cleaned.
  • Adjusting – dehumidifiers use a condensate array to remove the excess water, and sometimes the components of the array can shift. When a condensate tray or drain pipe shifts, water can go to the wrong places and cause serious damage. This kind of issue will be caught during a maintenance appointment.

A whole-home dehumidifier is part of your entire HVAC system, and as such, should only be worked on by a trained professional.

The experts at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating are here to help, so call us today and schedule your dehumidifier for annual maintenance.

Can I Do My Own Ductless AC Spring Tune-Up?

Friday, March 6th, 2015

When spring arrives, you should schedule a maintenance visit for your ductless mini split air conditioning system. This will prepare it for the rigors of another hot Texas summer and help ensure that it will work at maximum energy efficiency. During the maintenance session, a trained technician will tune-up and adjust the ductless AC and look for any spots where it may need repairs. If you keep up with spring maintenance every year, your ductless mini split system should have a long service life with few repair or efficiency issues.

Some homeowners wonder if it’s possible to handle this maintenance on their own. The simple answer is “no.” There a few small maintenance tasks that you can perform on your own during the year—which you should perform—but an actual complete maintenance inspection and tune-up is a job for professionals only.

It’s easy to schedule a ductless AC tune-up in Corpus Christi, TX, however: you only need to contact the team at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating and sign our Service Efficiency Agreement, which not only provides regular maintenance, but makes you a preferred client with additional benefits.

A few regular maintenance tips

Although you must have an experienced HVAC technician handle most of the maintenance jobs (which require special equipment and knowledge of complex refrigeration systems), there are a few things you can do during the year to help the ductless mini split stay in good condition.

One is to make sure that the area around the outdoor cabinet remains clear of obstructions. During winter storms, leaves, branches, and other debris can create problems for the cabinet, which must have room to release heat. Make sure there is a clear area of about a foot around the cabinet.

Second, make a visual check on the air handlers to see if there is any moisture developing along the spot where they are connected to the walls. A condensate leak in this area can lead to damage to the wall and the air handler tearing away. However, don’t try to repair this yourself if you spot it: call for a technician to handle it.

Third, keep a close watch on the various thermostats, both the local ones that run the individual air handlers and central control panel. If you notice response problems, such as the central thermostat failing to communicate with one or more of the thermostats, don’t ignore it! Get technicians on it right away.

Schedule maintenance with us today

Arranging for professional maintenance will pay you back in many ways, starting with simple peace of mind knowing your ductless AC will sail through the summer.

The Service Efficiency Agreement at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating will see that you receive a great ductless AC tune-up in Corpus Christi, TX each year, as well as the advantages of being a preferred customer.