Different HVAC Air Filters—And How Often to Change/Clean Them

During the long hot seasons in Texas, it’s especially important to regularly change the air filter on your home’s HVAC system. The air conditioner does a great deal of work during this time of year, and the filter will soon become congested with dust, lint, dander, and other debris. If the clogged filter remains in place, it will place strain on the AC and its components, leading to repair needs and inflated energy bills.

There is no single type of air filter for an HVAC system, and how often you should change the filter in your house will depend on what kind it is. Below are some of the standard types of filters and the frequency they should be changed or cleaned.

  • Permanent filters: This type of filter doesn’t need to be swapped for a new one, it only need to be removed and cleaned routinely, usually every 2 months. Clean it using a garden hose on low pressure. Allow the filter to dry completely before returning it, otherwise it may develop mold and mildew. Permanent filters are often the least powerful at filtration.
  • Panel filters: A panel filter is usually made of fiberglass and is inexpensive to purchase (you can get them in packs for around a dollar per filter). Panel filters clog faster than other types, and you should change the filter each month during the summer. To make sure that you keep track of how long a filter has been in place, write in marker on the side the date the new filter was put in.
  • Pleated filters: These more powerful filters are made of woven polyester, and they can keep out smaller particles. Just be careful that you don’t have a filter that is too powerful put in! (Ask your HVAC technician for help if you need it.) A pleated filter will need to be changed every 3 to 6 months.

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