High AC Bills in Summer: Are Leaky Ducts the Problem?

duct-sealing-with-caulkingHave you looked over your recent utility bills and thought the electrical costs seemed a bit—well, extreme? During summer, the air conditioner is responsible for a large percentage of a home’s monthly electrical costs, so it’s a high probability the AC is behind the spike in your bills.

If you’ve used your air conditioner more than usual—for example, if you’ve had guests at your home, or you’ve been staying home more during the day—then this may account for the costs increase. But if you haven’t used the AC more than normal, there may be a malfunction somewhere in the HVAC system that’s placing extra strain on the air conditioner’s components. We’re going to look at one of possible sources of higher AC bills: leaks in the ductwork.

Leaky Ducts Are a Common Cause of AC Overwork

Although there are excellent ductless air conditioning systems available, most homes still rely on the standard ducted air conditioner that sends cooled air through ductwork hidden in the walls, ceilings, and attic. This ductwork wears down over time and can suffer damage due to corrosion, construction work, rises in air pressure, and animals getting inside it. When air leaks develop, the conditioned air moving through the ventilation system will start to escape.

How big a loss can this be? Significant! Tests have shown that as much as 30% of the conditioned air moving through the ducts will leak through these gaps. This means cooled air is going to places like the attic and between the walls—not the parts of the home you want to be cooling down! Think of it this way: you paid with your electrical bills to cool that air, and it’s never actually reaching any of the rooms. The AC will have to work to overcome the deficit, leading to higher costs to run the system. The extra strain will also lead to more repairs in the future and possibly the need to replace the cooling system years too early.

Duct Sealing Services

High electrical costs are one warning sign of a leaky set of ducts. There are a few other indicators to watch for, such as moldy and musty smells coming from the vents and rattling sounds each time the air conditioner turns on. When you suspect you have leaky ducts, or you just want a professional to examine your HVAC system to find out why costs are rising, contact licensed professionals. If you do have air leaks in the ductwork, the professionals can fix the problem with duct sealing.

Sealing up ducts requires using special tools like mastic sealant and metallic tapes. The professional duct sealers will know how to find the air leaks and the best methods to seal them up so you have an airtight ventilation system once more.

No matter what service you need for your air conditioning in Corpus Christi, TX, you can rely on our licensed HVAC professionals to help out. We offer air conditioning and ductwork repairs, and you can reach us any time of the day or night when you have emergency needs.

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