How High Heat Affects an Air Conditioning System

We are experiencing some extreme late-summer and early-fall heat levels here in Corpus Christi, and that means air conditioning systems are putting in overtime at the conclusion an already intense season. This is a good time to address what all this activity can do to your home’s air conditioner. It’s vital that you watch for signs that the AC keeping your home cool during a heat wave is starting to falter, and then call for repair professionals immediately to fix it—or, in some cases, arrange for a replacement.

Fast clogging for filters

Just last week we wrote about a common trouble that stress on an air conditioner can cause, which is capacitor failure. But that’s only one of the wear-and-tear problems that can crop up during a heat wave. Clogged air filters are a major concern, since the AC will run so often that it will give the filter ample time to trap an extra amount of debris. Check the filter twice a month, instead of once a month, to see if it needs to be changed or cleaned.

Soaring electrical bills

During a heat wave, electrical bills can take a 50% increase because you have to run the AC so often. Some caution with the thermostat can help you here: try if possible to keep the thermostat set no lower than 78°F when you’re home during the day. This will help keep bills under control and alleviate the strain on both the air conditioner and the city’s power grid.

Old AC breakdowns

Is your air conditioning system 12 years or older? Then it is at special risk during heat waves and may not make it out of the end of the season. It’s time to give serious consideration to replacing the system the first time it’s convenient (i.e. during a heat lull).

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