Why Is My Thermostat Screen Blank?

If you have a digital thermostat in your home to run your air conditioning and heating system, one of the more unpleasant surprises you may run into is a completely blank screen on the unit. A blank screen means you can’t control your HVAC system… and that’s not good news, especially in the middle of an extremely hot summer weather.

What might cause a digital thermostat screen to go blank? And can you do anything about it? Let’s take a look behind the blank screen:

  • Does the thermostat run on batteries? Some thermostats are wired directly into the electrical system of the house, but many use batteries instead. If the batteries go dead, the thermostat won’t work. Most thermostats will give off a warning beep or flash a light to indicate low batteries so you can change them in time. Remove the front cover from the thermostat to access the batteries. You will probably need to re-program the unit afterward.
  • For thermostats connected to the home’s power system, the problem may come from a tripped circuit breaker. Check on the electrical panel and reset any breaker that has tripped.
  • If a circuit isn’t at fault, there is probably a wiring failure to the unit. This is not a job to attempt to do yourself. Call an HVAC repair professional to search for loose connections or broken wires.
  • If the technicians cannot locate a wiring problem in the thermostat, the best option is usually to replace the unit. This can be to your benefit: take this opportunity to upgrade to advanced thermostat technology, such as a smart thermostat or a wireless thermostat. Ask your HVAC professional about your options.

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