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Is a Maintenance Program Really Worth It?

Monday, February 6th, 2017

money-saving-piggy-bankYou’re used to receiving offers for warranties and service programs for many products that you purchase, such as computers. We can understand why you may be wary of them and wonder if there’s really a benefit to signing up. Will you end up saving money in the long run? Or is the initial cost just too much?

We can’t speak for other products, but we do know plenty about heating and cooling systems. We’ve been helping out with heating and air conditioning in Corpus Christi, TX for many years. We know from experience that signing up for an HVAC maintenance program pays back homeowners in many tangible and intangible ways. With our weather heating up already, it’s a good time to sign up for our Service Efficiency Agreement and have your AC given its full annual check-up and tune-up! (The heater will have its turn in the fall.) (more…)

The Benefits of Scheduling Your Dehumidifier for Maintenance

Friday, March 13th, 2015

It’s no secret that it gets hot here, and part of the reason we get so hot is because of excess humidity. To help combat the effects of excessive moisture, many of our customers have whole-home dehumidifiers as part of their air conditioning systems. These devices work hard to remove excess humidity from the air before it can enter the air conditioning cycle, taking extra stress off your HVAC system and helping to improve comfort levels. If you have a whole-home dehumidifier, and you are scheduling spring maintenance for your AC, why not also schedule maintenance for your dehumidifier in Annaville? The experts at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating know how beneficial whole-home dehumidifiers can be to you, your family and your AC system, so call us today and schedule both your AC and your dehumidifier for annual maintenance!

Benefits of Maintenance

A great way to describe maintenance is to refer to it as a full tune-up, because that’s what it is. When our technician performs maintenance on your dehumidifier, he/she won’t just take a quick peek at it; the whole unit will be inspected, cleaned and tested for performance. Your home’s thermostat will also be inspected to ensure that the humidistat is working properly. What kind of benefits can you expect from your dehumidifier maintenance appointment? Here are some examples:

  • Prevention of repairs – the thorough inspection of your dehumidifier allows the technician to uncover any existing or developing problems and nip them in the bud; in turn, this helps get you ahead of potential repairs.
  • Cleanliness – your dehumidifier is a magnet for dust and dirt, and for biological contaminants such as mold, mildew and fungi. Why? Because the device is always managing water. Cleaning is a big part of a maintenance appointment, so you can rest assured that your dehumidifier will be properly cleaned.
  • Adjusting – dehumidifiers use a condensate array to remove the excess water, and sometimes the components of the array can shift. When a condensate tray or drain pipe shifts, water can go to the wrong places and cause serious damage. This kind of issue will be caught during a maintenance appointment.

A whole-home dehumidifier is part of your entire HVAC system, and as such, should only be worked on by a trained professional.

The experts at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating are here to help, so call us today and schedule your dehumidifier for annual maintenance.

Can I Do My Own Ductless AC Spring Tune-Up?

Friday, March 6th, 2015

When spring arrives, you should schedule a maintenance visit for your ductless mini split air conditioning system. This will prepare it for the rigors of another hot Texas summer and help ensure that it will work at maximum energy efficiency. During the maintenance session, a trained technician will tune-up and adjust the ductless AC and look for any spots where it may need repairs. If you keep up with spring maintenance every year, your ductless mini split system should have a long service life with few repair or efficiency issues.

Some homeowners wonder if it’s possible to handle this maintenance on their own. The simple answer is “no.” There a few small maintenance tasks that you can perform on your own during the year—which you should perform—but an actual complete maintenance inspection and tune-up is a job for professionals only.

It’s easy to schedule a ductless AC tune-up in Corpus Christi, TX, however: you only need to contact the team at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating and sign our Service Efficiency Agreement, which not only provides regular maintenance, but makes you a preferred client with additional benefits.

A few regular maintenance tips

Although you must have an experienced HVAC technician handle most of the maintenance jobs (which require special equipment and knowledge of complex refrigeration systems), there are a few things you can do during the year to help the ductless mini split stay in good condition.

One is to make sure that the area around the outdoor cabinet remains clear of obstructions. During winter storms, leaves, branches, and other debris can create problems for the cabinet, which must have room to release heat. Make sure there is a clear area of about a foot around the cabinet.

Second, make a visual check on the air handlers to see if there is any moisture developing along the spot where they are connected to the walls. A condensate leak in this area can lead to damage to the wall and the air handler tearing away. However, don’t try to repair this yourself if you spot it: call for a technician to handle it.

Third, keep a close watch on the various thermostats, both the local ones that run the individual air handlers and central control panel. If you notice response problems, such as the central thermostat failing to communicate with one or more of the thermostats, don’t ignore it! Get technicians on it right away.

Schedule maintenance with us today

Arranging for professional maintenance will pay you back in many ways, starting with simple peace of mind knowing your ductless AC will sail through the summer.

The Service Efficiency Agreement at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating will see that you receive a great ductless AC tune-up in Corpus Christi, TX each year, as well as the advantages of being a preferred customer.

Reasons to Schedule HVAC Maintenance

Monday, November 10th, 2014

Any complex mechanical system that receives regular use must also receive regular maintenance to make sure that work stress isn’t causing it to wear down too rapidly. We most often think about maintenance in connection with automobiles, but it applies equally to the heating, air conditioning, and ductwork inside a home. The HVAC system of your house likely receives extensive use throughout the year, especially your air conditioner during a tough Texas summer. Without regular maintenance done twice a year—once for your AC, once for the heater—to alleviate wear and tear, your HVAC system will soon run into multiple problems.

Justice Air Conditioning & Heating understands the sort of troubles that a home’s air conditioner and heater can encounter without the assistance of regular inspections and tune-ups. We offer a quality HVAC maintenance program in Corpus Christi, TX to help keep your air conditioner and heater ready to serve your household, no matter the time of year. Contact us today to hear more about our Service Efficiency Agreement.

Why HVAC maintenance is important

The most important reason to schedule HVAC maintenance is to prevent an abrupt system breakdown right when you need it working. Whether during a bitter winter night or a roasting summer day, your comfort system is more likely to cease working if it hasn’t received its annual maintenance visit, leaving you scrambling for emergency repairs and waiting in extreme discomfort until it arrives. Maintenance will lower the chance of this happening and see that your heating and air conditioning system are ready for temperature extremes.

Maintenance will also help you avoid repair troubles. Approximately 85% of the repairs that an HVAC system may require could have been prevented with regular maintenance visits. Technicians will catch problems before they become serious problems and have them repaired early.

Regular maintenance will keep your energy bills under control. Each year that a heater or AC goes without maintenance, it will lose on average 5% of its energy efficiency as it grows dirty and starts to wear down. In only a few years, you could be paying more than a fifth what you used to pay to run your comfort system. Maintenance will keep your system running at its best efficiency for most of it lifespan.

Sign up for our Service Efficiency Agreement

We offer a Service Efficiency Agreement that makes you one of our preferred clients. As part of the agreement, you will receive precision tune-ups and inspections, plus priority scheduling, extended warranties, and discounts. To find out more, call one of our friendly technicians today.

If you are looking for an excellent HVAC maintenance program in Corpus Christi, TX for your home, you will find it at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating.