Is It a Good Idea to Leave My Heat Pump Running All Night?

Heat pumps have developed to become one of the best ways to provide comfort for a house throughout the year. Older heat pump models often struggled when they were in heating mode because they were extracting thermal energy from the outdoors during cold weather. But current heat pumps can maintain high levels of energy efficiency during even the chilliest winter days and nights. With our relative mild winters here in Corpus Christi, a heat pump should never bump up against serious efficiency issues during the winter.

Keep the heat pump running all night?

You’ll hear different opinions from people about whether you should keep the heat pump running all through the night during the winter. An argument for keeping a heat pump running this long is that it’s more efficient to use power during non-peak use periods. However, the difference is really minimal, and it’s better for the heat pump to stay off during periods when you don’t require heat.

This connects to a phenomenon known as “Jevon’s Paradox”: the more energy efficient a piece of technology becomes, the more frequently people are likely to use it… which ends up negating the energy savings from the high efficiency. Just because a heat pump is a more energy-efficient way of heating a home compared to other heating systems (like electric furnaces) doesn’t mean you can just keep it running all the time.

The best way to use the heat pump a night is to use a programmable thermostat to set back the temperature by 8° to 10° during the time people go to bed. It will take hours for your house to cool down, and the heat pump will only need to come on if the temperature gets very cold indoors… which is unlikely in our part of the country. Program the thermostat to raise the temperature a half hour before you get up so the heat pump will have a warm house all ready for you—and won’t have to run all night.

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