Electric Furnaces Need Annual Maintenance Too!

service_reminderThe winters in Corpus Christi are mild, although chillier than other parts of the state because we’re located on the coast. For these types of winters, an electric furnace is often sufficient to handle the comfort needs of a family without becoming extravagantly expensive. Many homes don’t have connections to gas lines, making an electric furnace one of the best alternative options for heating.

We stress the importance of arranging for maintenance for residential heating systems each year, and we have an Energy Efficiency Agreement to provide our clients with the regular maintenance their heater (as well as air conditioner) requires in the pre-season. With fall in full swing, now is the time we recommend people schedule their heating inspections and tune-ups.

But does an electric furnace really need annual maintenance?

If you’re thinking that it’s vital for a gas-powered furnace to have a regular inspection in order to keep it operating safely, you’re correct. Since electric furnaces don’t have the same safety concerns, you may believe that they don’t need such a rigorous routine as a gas furnace. But this is incorrect, however. Annual maintenance does much more than check for safety concerns on a heating system. It is essential for system longevity, energy efficiency, reliability, and peace of mind for a household.

It’s true that electric furnaces have fewer repair issues overall than a gas furnace. The strain of combustion on a gas furnace is more likely to lead to repair problems, as well as a shorter life than an electric furnace. However, if you want your electric furnace to run with as few repairs as possible—enjoying to the full one of the big benefits of going electric with your heating—annual maintenance is a necessity.

The biggest problem electric furnaces face that maintenance can prevent is corrosion along the electrical connections and dust build-up on the heating elements. Electric furnaces also share an important component with their natural gas counterparts, which is the air handler. The motor in the blower fan of the air handler can overheat or its bearings wear down, and so this component requires regular attention. Even skipping a year of maintenance for the furnace runs a higher risk of the motor failing and leaving you without any heat distributed throughout your house.

The lifetime effects of regular maintenance translate to a lengthier service life for the furnace (possibly 20 years, which is a great run for any heating system) and savings on energy-efficient performance. The energy efficiency of the furnace declines each year it misses maintenance, spiking the cost to run it.

By the way, an electric furnace isn’t completely free from safety hazards. Any electrical appliance has the potential to trigger electrical fires. Regular maintenance also helps prevent this danger.

If you require any service for your electric furnace in Corpus Christi, TX, from annual maintenance to a fast repair, you can rely on us to help you out. We offer 24-hour emergency service for when those vital furnace fixes can’t wait!

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