Helping Life Get Back to Normal after the Hurricane

home-with-rainbowHurricane Harvey is gone and people in Corpus Christi and the surrounding areas have come back home and businesses are reopening. We hope that your home didn’t sustain any serious damage or suffer from flooding. It’s hard to adjust to the idea of “getting back to normal,” but of course we’ll all get there eventually. And you can trust that our professional team is here to help you with whatever you need for your home or business when it comes to HVAC work.

In our previous post, we addressed one of the biggest concerns for a home in the wake of flooding, which is the danger posed by a damaged natural gas furnace. We’d like to take a look at other ways we can get your HVAC system, in your home or in your business, back to normal after the recent natural disaster.

Heating Maintenance Is More Essential Than Ever

Fall is the time of year when we begin to recommend that our clients arrange for heating maintenance, regardless of what kind of heating system they have. We don’t suffer from extreme cold winters, but we still must have heating systems ready to go when the temperatures do begin drop. Regular maintenance is critical to ensure that the heater is ready to go, as well as to see it will run efficiently.

But after the storm, it’s especially vital to have heating maintenance in Corpus Christi, TX or the surrounding areas struck by the hurricane, such as Port Aransas. You may not realize what damage could have been inflicted on your HVAC system in general because of the extreme weather. It’s the job of our technicians to check your heating system carefully, as well as the ductwork of the ventilation system to see that everything is A-Okay … and to figure out what needs to be repaired if it isn’t. As we mentioned in the last post, you should never attempt to use your heating system—especially a gas-powered one—until you’ve let our team give it a professional inspection.

The Replacement Option

We have to address this, because in many cases in the wake of a natural disaster, there are parts of an HVAC system that cannot be salvaged, or which can only be restored with expensive repairs that aren’t worth the cost. In these cases, the best option is to arrange for a heating system replacement with us. In general, repairs that would cost in excess of $500 are too expensive, particularly if the heater is at least 10 years in service. Our installers can help you with gas furnaces, electric furnaces, heat pumps, and ductless heating. (We recommend people who are planning to rework damaged parts of their house to consider going ductless—it has many advantages for renovations.)

Duct Sealing

If there’s damage to the ducts connected to the heating system, it’s important to have them sealed up before you begin using the heater. We offer duct sealing services that will restore the ventilation system to airtight condition once more.

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