March Is in Like a Lamb This Time: Be Ready with HVAC Services

cooling-and-heating-badgeThere’s a saying found in many farmers’ almanacs dating back to the 18th century—and probably from much earlier—that “March comes in like a lion and leaves like a lamb.” This is a short acknowledgement of the basic facts of the seasons: when March begins, it’s winter; when it ends, it’s spring. (This year, specifically, spring starts on March 20, the date of the vernal equinox when the periods of night and day are equal. After this, longer days will start to become the norm until the summer solstice in June.)

However, “in like a lion, out like a lamb” is only a proverb—and you’ve probably seen the opposite happen. In fact, the reverse version of the phrase is almost as common. March is a time of highly unpredictable weather, when it can seem as if summer has already arrived, only to have a cold snap sneak in later the same week.

Staying Ready for Lions and Lambs with HVAC Services

Right now in the Corpus Christi area, we’re enjoying warm weather: the lamb is here, and it brought a sun lamp with it! Texas in general experiences warmer weather earlier than northern states, but in a coastal region like ours, shifts back to the cold are common. It’s crucial during this time of year to have an effective heating system and an air conditioning system that’s ready to take on heat.

Never Delay with Heating Repairs

The lion may be lurking anywhere in March, and that’s one of the reasons not to put off scheduling repairs for your heater if it malfunctions. It’s far too easy to dismiss a furnace that’s making strange noises because the warm weather is on the way. Don’t do it! Any sign of trouble with a heating system must have attention from HVAC professionals as soon as possible. This helps to prevent an abrupt system shutdown, a more expensive repair later down the road, and potential safety issues. Never let a heating system go into its hot weather hibernation if there are lingering concerns.

Get a Head Start with Air Conditioning Maintenance

Spring is the time when homeowners’ thoughts turn toward air conditioning maintenance—or at least we hope they do! With the chance of sudden heat striking during March and the looming summer weather, you can’t be too early arranging for a maintenance visit from a skilled HVAC technician. When a technician comes to your home for the spring inspection and tune-up, the air conditioner will receive a thorough examination to find if there are spots where repairs may be necessary. Maintenance also includes a tune-up, adjustment, and cleaning to give the AC the best chance at handling another summer without mishap—as well as performing its job at the height of energy efficiency.

To schedule any heating repair in Corpus Christi, TX or to sign up for maintenance to prep your air conditioner, contact our team. We provide 24-hour emergency repair work, and our Service Efficiency Agreement makes regular HVAC maintenance a breeze.

Justice Air Conditioning & Heating offers the services you need to keep your family comfortable in March and all 11 other months of the year.

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