3 Types of Air Filtration Systems

Do you know what’s inside the air that circulates through your home every day? You might be surprised to learn that a large amount of unhealthy contaminants are common in contemporary houses, which is an unfortunate side effect of the improved heat sealing that helps increase energy efficiency. The reduction in indoor air quality throughout the country has resulted in the U.S. EPA identifying it as a major and rising health concern.

But you have methods available to better the quality of your home’s air: air filtration systems. With the assistance of indoor air quality specialists, an air filter will give you healthier air, as well as a more efficient air conditioner and heater.

For air filtration systems in Port Aransas, TX, and to help you find out which one will do the best job of cleansing your home’s air, call Justice Air Conditioning & Heating today.

Here are three of the different systems that we install:

I. HEPA mechanical filters

High-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters are one of the most common ways to remove larger dust and dirt particles from the air that circulates through a ventilation system. These filters use a mesh of fibers to draw particles down to 0.3 microns in size to them and trap them. To qualify as a HEPA filter, a filter must remove 99.97% of these particles from the air, and many can achieve even better than this and effect smaller particles down to 0.1 microns.

II. Electronic air purifiers

Although HEPA filters are remarkably effective at filtering air, they do not affect gases and odor molecules, such as carbon monoxide and pesticides. To counteract these pollutants, an electronic air purifier is an excellent option. These systems ionize the air to attract contaminants down onto a pair of metal plates.

III. UV air purifiers

If your main concern about contamination in your air comes from bacteria, viruses, spores, and mold, then UV air purifiers are an excellent choice. These systems use ultraviolet light lamps to kill off microbacteria and other tiny biological contaminants; the high-frequency waves strip away the nuclei and destroy the cellular structure of the bacteria, not only killing them but preventing them from spreading. Best of all, they do this without leaving any toxic reside to harm the air quality inside a ventilation system.

To know which air filtration system, or combination of systems, will work best for your home, you need to have indoor air quality specialists perform an inspection on the type of contaminants that need eliminating. Justice Air Conditioning & Heating can handle this task, and then we will then help you select from among the various air filtration systems in Port Aransas, TX. With our assistance, you can have the highest quality air possible in your home.

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