Duct Sealing May Be the Answer to Your AC Problems

duct-sealing-with-caulkingAir conditioning systems here in Texas don’t often receive long breaks, even during the winter. Hot days can make a sudden return in the middle cool days, so you may have to rely on your AC at some point during the coming months. With all the wear and tear the air conditioner has undergone, it might be at the point where it starts to lose cooling power or cost too much to run. It might even be making odd rattling sounds. When any of these warnings arise, you may need to schedule a major air conditioning repair in Corpus Christi, TX.

However, sometimes the issues with your air conditioner don’t originate from the air conditioner itself. A common problem in the rest of the HVAC system that will have an effect the air conditioner is ventilation system leaks. Let’s take a look at how poor ductwork can make trouble for your air conditioner, and the ways you can stand up to leaks in the ducts.

Losing Air Pressure in the Ventilation System

Ductwork is difficult to see because the majority of it is constructed behind drywall and placed in the attic. It’s easy to even forget it’s there, and that’s why it’s also easy to overlook it as a source of trouble. But leaks in ductwork are common, especially if the ductwork wasn’t well installed when a house was originally built. (This is a trouble we see often.) General stress and accidentally blocked vents can also lead to ducts losing air through holes.

This is bad news for a number of reasons. First, leaks cause a drop in air pressure. Ducts are supposed to be airtight along their length to maintain air pressure, so any leak interferes with this. It allows cooled air to escape into parts of the home that you never intended to cool. And it can permit musty and even moldy air to get into the ductwork.

What Troubles This Can Cause with Your AC

Loss of air pressure puts additional strain on the blower motor in the HVAC system, causing the AC to work harder than it should. The air conditioner will also have to put in more time to replace the cool air it keeps losing (in fact, it can lose up to 30% of the air moving through it). This adds up to a rise in bills, as well as a noticeable drop in comfort around the house because of the drop in air pressure. Any increase in strain on the AC will translate to more repair needs down the line as parts wear down faster. You may even hear rattling sounds from the vents, a symptom of ductwork that is becoming loose.

Air Sealing Can Solve Duct Leak Issues

The solution to the problem is to have professional duct sealing. Contact our HVAC specialists, and they’ll test your ducts to see how aggressively they need to pursue the duct sealing work. The technicians will locate the leaks and then use equipment such as mastic sealant and metallic tapes to close up the holes and restore the integrity of the ducts once more.

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