How an Electronic Air Purifiers Helps Improve Air Quality in a Home

If you have noticed signs that your home is suffering from poor indoor air quality—an increase in asthma and allergy symptoms among residents, a rise in the amount of dust around the house, generally stale and unpleasant air—then you should contact IAQ professionals to look into possible solutions. Indoor air quality specialists will find out what is affecting your home’s air and determine the best way to remedy it.

One of the most common types of indoor air quality installations is the electronic air purifier. These devices can be combined with mechanical air filters to provide a thorough level of air cleaning that will eliminate some of the smallest particles moving through the HVAC system of a home. A properly installed electronic air purifier will remove gas and odor molecules, including smoke and household chemicals, which mechanical air filters usually will not stop.

How an air purifier works

The standard type of electronic air purifier operates through a process called corona discharge. The purifier creates an electronic field that ionizes the larger particles that pass through it, i.e. the particles you actually don’t want in your air. These particles either gain an electron (becoming negatively charged) or lose one (becoming positively charged). A set of two collector plates in the air purifier, each with a different charge, then draw the charged particles down and trap them. Some of the oppositely charged particles will be drawn to each other and clump together until they become heavier than air, which helps the process.

You need to make sure that you hire an IAQ expert to handle the installation for an air purifier. The professionals will see that you have the right model to suit your needs and that it is correctly integrated into your HVAC system so that it does the job it is supposed to.

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