How Professionals Seal Leaking Ducts

Leaking ductwork can compromise your comfort, the proper operation of your air conditioner and the quality of your indoor air. Scheduling professional duct sealing in Portland is one of the best ways to eliminate the problems caused by leaky ductwork, and create a hard seal that will last for a long time.

Justice Air Conditioning & Heating, has the knowledge and expertise to seal your ducts quickly and correctly. Call us today to set up an appointment. 

Don’t Use Duct Tape

Rules of thumb can be downright problematic for homeowners because they can create more problems than they solve. When it comes to ductwork, one common rule of thumb is “just use duct tape.” Yes, the word “duct” in both “ductwork” and “duct tape” can be misleading and indicate a relationship between the two, but the truth is that duct tape is a poor choice with which to seal your ductwork. Why? There are a couple of reasons: first, duct tape will not properly adhere to your ductwork, so it is, at best, a temporary solution. Second, the glue from the duct tape will break down, rendering the tape useless and potentially making the area around the tape sticky and messy. Bottom line: duct tape is not a good choice when sealing your ductwork.

What Professionals Use

Your technician will use two key products during duct sealing: mastic, which is a fibrous adhesive that hardens into a permanent seal, and professional tape that is either fiberglass or foil. Before any sealing begins, the technician will inspect your entire ductwork system to review all areas that need sealing. Once the technician understands which areas need sealing, he/she will brush mastic on the cracks and holes, place a piece of tape on top of the mastic, then allow the mastic to dry, creating a permanent seal. For sections that need binding, the ends will be brushed with mastic, a sheet metal binding will be placed around the section, and the binding will be secured with sheet metal nails.

Duct sealing in Portland is an important step toward increasing your indoor air quality and comfort, and maintaining your ductwork for the long-term; don’t trust this to a roll of duct tape.Instead, call the professionals you can trust: Justice Air Conditioning & Heating.

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