A UV Air Purifier Means a Better AC System

UV-air-purifier-lightAs winter season approaches, so does cold and flu season. Nobody wants to go through the holidays or any of the months after sniffling and running a fever. Unfortunately, during the holidays illnesses can run rampant around a home with so many house guests. One way to fight back against the influx of germs and viruses is to have a UV air purifier installed. These devices use ultraviolet radiation within the ventilation system to kill or render inert bacteria, mold spores, viruses, and microorganisms. They’re effective, don’t place harmful chemicals into the air, and require little maintenance. They’re simple for our professionals to install.

But there’s another reason to have a UV air purifier for your house. It can actually improve the efficiency and lifespan of your air conditioner (or heat pump). Read the details below the jump.

The location of the UV air purifier

To understand why a UV air purifier can benefit an air conditioning system, you have to first know the position of the purifier and what it does. A UV air purifier is essentially a set of UV lightbulbs that emit the ultraviolet radiation that destroys cellular material. (The UV level is harmless for humans and pets, only affecting smaller organic particles.) These lights are positioned in the HVAC system so they shine on the evaporator coil of the AC. This is a point in the HVAC system where all air must pass, making it an ideal spot for cleansing the air. But putting the light in this spot helps out in another way.

UV lights are mold killers

Ultraviolet radiation destroys mold and mold spores along with other organic pollutants. Mold is a major problem for air conditioning systems because of the moisture that develops along the evaporator coil. As the evaporator coil works, it draws water vapor out of the air along with the heat. In a place like Corpus Christi, where there’s plenty of water vapor, an AC has to remove a lot of water condensation from the coils. Sometimes there’s too much water left on the coils, and this creates an environment allowing mold to develop.

Mold is a big problem for an air conditioner. First, it can send out toxic mold spores along with the cooled air, which is a major source of asthma problems in households. Second, even if there aren’t any toxic spores, mold creates an awful, musty smell. This is known as “dirty sock syndrome” (for obvious reasons) and affects many air conditioners. Finally, mold damages the evaporator coil and makes it harder for it to pull heat from the air. As the mold grows on the coil, the AC will start to lose energy efficiency as well as cooling power. Eventually, the system will need repairs or have to be replaced early.

If you want to lower the amount of illnesses in your house and protect your AC, we can help out with a UV air purifier installation. For other excellent Corpus Christi, TX air conditioning services and indoor air quality solutions, get in touch with us today. We’ll arrange an appointment to see what you need to enjoy a healthy and comfortable season.

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