What Kinds of Contaminants Can a UV Air Purifier Remove?

Your family’s health and safety are of chief importance in your home. But if you don’t take care to protect the air in your home, the members of your household may be at risk for illness, particularly if one of your family members has a compromised immune system or a respiratory issue. To keep these types of problems under control, many homeowners purchase electronic air purifiers, mechanical filters, or dehumidifiers to maintain a healthy indoor air quality.

But another type of system recommended by air quality experts is a UV air purifier. UV air purifiers emit small amounts of UV radiation in the ducts (don’t worry—it’s safe!) in order to get rid of some common biological contaminants that you would otherwise have to breathe in. While they rely on a fairly simple design to do so, they are also extremely effective in killing off biological contaminants. Learn more about what these systems can do for your home in the following list.

  • Sterilize Microorganisms like Bacteria and Viruses: Ultraviolet radiation is harmful in large doses because it can actually damage organic matter. For humans, there is little effect from staying in the sun for a short while. However, for small microorganisms like bacteria, even very brief exposure can sterilize bacteria and viruses, rendering them incapable of reproduction so that they are no longer a threat for your air.
  • Get Rid of Mold on Your Air Handler: UV air purifiers can also take care of mold, which is likely to develop on the evaporator coil inside of your home. The coil collects moisture as the AC runs, which is helpful to you because it helps keep humidity levels in control and reduce mold and mildew elsewhere around the home. However, mold can continue to develop on the coil and the spores can blow into your home. Many homeowners purchase UV systems specifically to eliminate mold.
  • Reduce Odors in the Home: Finally, a UV air purifier can actually eliminate odors left over from cooking or standard pet odors.

If you decide that you need a UV air purifier in Robstown, or if you’d like to discuss your indoor air quality with a professional, call Justice Air Conditioning & Heating today!

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