Why Insulation Matters in the Summer as Well

When people think of the word “insulation,” what usually comes to mind is staying warm. Insulated clothing like gloves and coats helps the human body trap heat and stay comfortable in cold conditions. But insulation is also a way to keep cool, especially for a home. A house that lacks sufficient insulation will suffer from extra cold in the winter, but also extra heat during the summer.

Insulation: A thermal barrier

The reason that insulation works to keep a home cool during hot weather is the basic property of all insulation, whether it’s composed of fiberglass or blown-in cellulose material: it is a thermal barrier that slows down the movement of heat. This keeps heat trapped and out of areas that you don’t want it to go. In winter, you want the heat trapped in your house and not escaping to the outside, creating cold drafts. In summer, you want the heat to stay outdoors so you will have an easier time keeping cool with your air conditioner.

Effective insulation in a home, especially in the attic where large amounts of heat can enter, can make a huge difference in air conditioning bills over the summer. On average, a well-insulated home will cost 30% less to cool than one with inferior insulation.

A radiant barrier

One way to increase the insulation in your home is to have a radiant barrier installed in the roof. A radiant barrier deflects away the radiant heat from the sun as it strikes the roof during long summer days. This prevents the attic from rising to blistering temperatures that will then move down into your home. Regular insulation does not do much good against radiant heat (it slows down heat that moves through convection and conduction), so a radiant barrier is an excellent way to add extra protection to your comfort and energy bills.

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