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Call Professionals for AC Repairs… And Here’s Why

Monday, June 12th, 2017

tools-on-ac-unitIt’s another hot summer here in Texas, and your air conditioning system is humming away providing crisp, cool air for your house. Suddenly, something goes wrong. The AC starts making odd, alarming clanging noises. Then the blower fan shuts off. You aren’t getting cool air from the vents, and you can begin to feel the sweat beading across your forehead as 90°F+ temperatures begin seeping inside the house. What do you do?

The answer isn’t “Go online and hunt for AC fix-it tips.” We know it’s tempting to try to go DIY with home repairs: people think it’ll save time and money. But when it comes to a malfunctioning air conditioner, trying to repair one will likely end up wasting time and money … and result in an air conditioner that still doesn’t work right. (more…)

How High Heat Affects an Air Conditioning System

Monday, September 21st, 2015

We are experiencing some extreme late-summer and early-fall heat levels here in Corpus Christi, and that means air conditioning systems are putting in overtime at the conclusion an already intense season. This is a good time to address what all this activity can do to your home’s air conditioner. It’s vital that you watch for signs that the AC keeping your home cool during a heat wave is starting to falter, and then call for repair professionals immediately to fix it—or, in some cases, arrange for a replacement. (more…)

Watch for These Air Conditioning Problems at the End of Summer

Monday, August 31st, 2015

“Summer” can extend for long stretches to either side of the actual summer—at least in Texas. At this point in the year, you’ve probably already had your AC running for many months, and all that wear and tear can take a significant toll on the mechanics of the system. Even if you’ve kept up with regular air conditioning maintenance every spring, a cooling system can still run into problems at the close of the summer because of all this stress. (more…)