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The Benefits of Scheduling Your Dehumidifier for Maintenance

Friday, March 13th, 2015

It’s no secret that it gets hot here, and part of the reason we get so hot is because of excess humidity. To help combat the effects of excessive moisture, many of our customers have whole-home dehumidifiers as part of their air conditioning systems. These devices work hard to remove excess humidity from the air before it can enter the air conditioning cycle, taking extra stress off your HVAC system and helping to improve comfort levels. If you have a whole-home dehumidifier, and you are scheduling spring maintenance for your AC, why not also schedule maintenance for your dehumidifier in Annaville? The experts at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating know how beneficial whole-home dehumidifiers can be to you, your family and your AC system, so call us today and schedule both your AC and your dehumidifier for annual maintenance!

Benefits of Maintenance

A great way to describe maintenance is to refer to it as a full tune-up, because that’s what it is. When our technician performs maintenance on your dehumidifier, he/she won’t just take a quick peek at it; the whole unit will be inspected, cleaned and tested for performance. Your home’s thermostat will also be inspected to ensure that the humidistat is working properly. What kind of benefits can you expect from your dehumidifier maintenance appointment? Here are some examples:

  • Prevention of repairs – the thorough inspection of your dehumidifier allows the technician to uncover any existing or developing problems and nip them in the bud; in turn, this helps get you ahead of potential repairs.
  • Cleanliness – your dehumidifier is a magnet for dust and dirt, and for biological contaminants such as mold, mildew and fungi. Why? Because the device is always managing water. Cleaning is a big part of a maintenance appointment, so you can rest assured that your dehumidifier will be properly cleaned.
  • Adjusting – dehumidifiers use a condensate array to remove the excess water, and sometimes the components of the array can shift. When a condensate tray or drain pipe shifts, water can go to the wrong places and cause serious damage. This kind of issue will be caught during a maintenance appointment.

A whole-home dehumidifier is part of your entire HVAC system, and as such, should only be worked on by a trained professional.

The experts at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating are here to help, so call us today and schedule your dehumidifier for annual maintenance.