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How Big of an Air Conditioning System Do I Need for My Business?

Monday, April 13th, 2015

Running a business in Corpus Christi, TX requires the service of a powerful and dependable air conditioning system. Whether your company is a retail outfit with numerous customers inside it every day, or an office space with a team of hard-working employees, maintaining a cool and pleasant indoor environment ensures that everyone stays happy.


Problems You May Encounter this Summer with Your Commercial Air Conditioning in Corpus Christi

Friday, May 30th, 2014

Commercial air conditioning systems differ in a number of ways from their residential counterparts. They are often modular, for example, and must handle a much larger load in the heat of the day than residential air conditioning systems do. But at their core, they operate according to the same principles that “regular” AC units do, and as such the problems you may encounter this summer with your commercial air conditioning in Corpus Christi don’t differ all that much. Here’s a breakdown of some of the more common issues that may crop up. You should always contact a qualified air conditioning service to deal with them.

  • Low refrigerant. Refrigerant gas is present in all of your individual commercial air conditioner units. It cycles through an ostensibly closed circuit, first shifting to a liquid form (which releases heat into the air) and then evaporating back into a liquid (which pulls heat from the air). When refrigerant leaks out, that cycle is disrupted and the unit won’t create cool air with any real efficiency. The longer refrigerant levels are left low, the more strain it subjects the other components to.
  • Faulty fan motor. When the fan motor suffers problems, either because of an electrical disruption or a broken component in the motor itself, the fan blade won’t turn as quickly as it should. The air won’t flow as quickly and the air conditioner won’t do its job the way it needs to. Strain will increase and the likelihood of more repairs will go up.
  • Blockages. Every AC unit has air filters that need to be exchanged regularly. When they don’t dust and dirt will build upon in the system: increasing friction and blocking important passages. Regular maintenance can keep such dust from building up, but once the dust has disrupted the system’s functions, you need to call in a repair service.

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