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It’s October! This Is a Great Time for a New AC

Monday, October 2nd, 2017

air-conditioning-condensersThe arrival of fall means some cooling down for us in Corpus Christi, but we never get full and total relief from warm days, even in the middle of the winter. You may not need to use your home’s air conditioning system as much over the next couple of months, but that’s a good reason to use the time to ensure that it’s ready to get to work at its best the next time you need it—because that next time could be right around the corner.

Keeping up with air conditioning repairs is the main way to keep your AC in good shape at this time of year (you’ll want to arrange for maintenance in spring to get the system properly tuned up for the intense heat of summer). However, if you have an older central air conditioner and you think that it’s coming to the end of its service life, fall is an excellent season to have a new system put in.

Let’s take a close look at fall air conditioning replacement in Corpus Christi, TX. (more…)

The Winter Prep Debate: What Type of Heater to Install

Monday, September 26th, 2016

Now that the fall has officially arrived, it’s the season for homeowners to take stock of their heating systems and decide if they need to install a new one before the cold weather hits. It’s wise to make this choice during the fall, since that allows for sufficient time to find the best new heating system and arrange for professional installation.

But what is the right type of new heating system? If you do choose to have a new heater for your house, do you stick with the tried-and-true (most likely a furnace), or do you look into another option that might work better for your budget and comfort? (more…)

Is It a Good Idea to Leave My Heat Pump Running All Night?

Monday, February 15th, 2016

Heat pumps have developed to become one of the best ways to provide comfort for a house throughout the year. Older heat pump models often struggled when they were in heating mode because they were extracting thermal energy from the outdoors during cold weather. But current heat pumps can maintain high levels of energy efficiency during even the chilliest winter days and nights. With our relative mild winters here in Corpus Christi, a heat pump should never bump up against serious efficiency issues during the winter. (more…)

Does a Heat Pump Provide Sufficient Heat for Winter?

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Heat pumps work in the same way as standard air conditioners, except they can move heat in two directions, rather than one. An air conditioner can only absorb heat from inside a home, lowering the temperature, and then exhaust the heat outside. But a heat pump can also absorb heat from outside a home and then exhaust it indoors, raising the temperature.

But this immediately brings up a question: How effectively can a heat pump work during cold weather if it takes heat from outside while in heating mode?


Which Is Better for Winter Comfort: A Heat Pump or a Furnace?

Monday, October 12th, 2015

Fall is the season of the year when many homeowners start making larger plans for the winter weather. If you think that your home needs to have a new heating system put in, then fall is the right time to arrange for the work with skilled professionals.


How Well Does a Heat Pump Work for the Summer?

Monday, April 20th, 2015

A heat pump is a common type of home comfort system that becomes more popular each year. The main advantage a heat pump offers a household is its dual heating/cooling function. Operating similar to an air conditioner, a heat pump uses the evaporation and condensation of chemical refrigerant to absorb heat from one location and release it in the other. Where an air conditioner can only move refrigerant one direction, a heat pump can move it both directions, enabling it to switch between cooling the inside of a house (removing heat) and warming it (releasing heat). (more…)

3 Benefits to Heat Pump Installation

Friday, June 13th, 2014

A heat pump forms a viable alternative to more traditional heating and air conditioning systems. It’s based on the same basic mechanics that are used in air conditioners. Refrigerant gas passes through a condenser array which shifts it into a liquid form (releasing heat in the process), then on to an evaporator array that shifts it back into a gas (pulling heat from the air in the process.) The only difference is that the air conditioner will vent the hot air outside of your home, while the heat pump can use that air to heat your home in the winter. When it comes to heat pump installation, Corpus Christi, TX has plenty of services that can help you, but you need to be sure the system is right for you before you make that call.

3 benefits to heat pump installation in Corpus Christi, TX

  • Convenience. Heat pumps combine the effects of heaters and air conditioners into a single unit, which can solve a number of logistical problems in certain houses. You don’t need to plan space for two units, or shift between one and the other as the seasons change. A heat pump can usually do the job all on its own, which makes for a smaller and more efficient system overall.
  • Efficiency. The biggest benefit to a heat pump is the savings you will experience, especially in the winter. Heat pumps don’t actually create heat – they simply transfer it between the refrigerant and the air – which means they don’t need gas or other fuel to work. That translates to big savings on month-to-month costs over other types of heating and air conditioning.
  • Environmentally friendly. Because heat pumps don’t use natural gas, there is no toxic byproduct to pollute the environment. They also don’t rely on fossil fuels beyond a comparatively small amount of electricity to power its systems. That makes them a very green alternative to other types of HVAC systems.

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