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Some Heat Pump Behavior You Might See in Winter

Monday, December 26th, 2016

If this is the first winter that you’ve had a heat pump, either because you had one installed during the earlier parts of the year, or you’ve moved into a house that has a heat pump in place, then you might be surprised at how it operates in winter. In fact, you might think that the heat pump is malfunctioning and needs to have professional repairs.

However, some of this behavior is perfectly normal for a heat pump. It’s just that you aren’t used to it and the signs can seem alarming. There are two in particular that we’d like to draw your attention to… (more…)

What Those Sounds from Your Furnace May Mean

Monday, December 12th, 2016

Furnaces run much quieter now than they did 20 years ago, but they will never be able to run completely silently. However, there’s an advantage to this: when your furnace starts making a noise that you don’t expect, you can tell that something may be wrong with it. These strange sounds are one of the ways that a furnace signals that it needs attention and possibly repairs. (more…)