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Air Pollutants That Can Collect Inside Your House

Monday, February 8th, 2016

According to the U.S. EPA, low indoor air quality is a major issue affecting the homes in the country. People often think of outdoor air as more harmful, but the EPA has discovered that indoor air—the air inside your very home—can be three to four times worse than that outside. (more…)

How Can I Tell I Need an Air Filtration System?

Friday, December 12th, 2014

Are you doing enough to keep your family from breathing in harmful contaminants every day? The air conditioning and heating system in your house contains a filter which strains out many of the particles floating through the air. Unfortunately, this filter can only take out a select number of particles of a certain size, while smaller particles continue to circulate in the house. These may include viruses, bacteria, and mold spores, all of which can be dangerous to anyone breathing in the air.

Many homeowners combat this by purchasing a whole-home air filtration system. These are far more effective at filtering out particles than small standalone units and many can remove up to 99% of airborne contaminants. A new UV air purifier, electronic air cleaner, or dehumidifier can all help to make conditions more livable, but how do you know if you need one?

One of the most common reasons to choose an air filter is if the people in your home just keep getting sick. An air filtration system protects the air in your house by eliminating mold spores and other particles that tend to make people ill or to aggravate existing health conditions. If the people in your home seem to get sick a bit too often, don’t assume it’s normal. You should speak with a doctor, and perhaps have an indoor air quality expert examine your home to help you determine which types of contaminants you’d like to eliminate and what type of system would be best to do so.

You should also consider an air filtration system if you move into a new home, especially if someone in your household has a compromised immune system or a history of asthma. A final way to tell you need a whole-home system is if your home feels musty. Mold and mildew can form when a home is too moist, and a dehumidifier, while not an air filtration system in earnest, is a great way to prevent these from infiltrating your air.

Call Justice Air Conditioning & Heating to speak with an indoor air quality expert and learn more about the many air filtration systems available in Alice.

3 Ways to Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Friday, June 6th, 2014

There’s a serious health issue in the U.S. right now of which many people are unaware: low indoor air quality. The U.S. EPA has identified that indoor air, due to lack of circulation, is often 100 times worse than the outdoor air. Since U.S. citizens spend, on average, 85% of their time indoors, this reduction in air quality inside buildings and homes is a major cause for concern.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can improve the air quality in your home. The simplest is to open up doors and windows for a few hours each day to allow fresh air in to replace the stale indoor air. However, this is not often practical in weather conditions such as we have in Texas. As an alternative, there are a number of installations that can help clean and protect your air.

To find out more about your options for indoor air quality in Corpus Christi, TX, call Justice Air Conditioning & Heating. Here are 3 options we often recommend:

Mechanical air filters

A mechanical air filter catches contaminating particles as they pass through the ventilation system. A mess of fibers attracts and traps dust, dirt, lint, pollen, dander, and other particles down to 0.3 microns in size. The best quality filters are HEPA filters, which will filter out 97.8% of air pollutants. These filters need to have professionals select and install them, as well as provide routine maintenance.

Air purifiers

An air purifier isn’t a filter, but an electronic device that ionizes the air that passes over it in the ventilation system. By ionizing the air, it can attract minute particles to a dish where it traps them. Air purifiers are highly efficient, stopping contaminants down to 0.1 microns. Where HEPA filters do little good against smoke and gases, air purifiers can eliminate 99% of most pollutants from a house, including chemicals and carbon monoxide.

UV air purifiers

These devices use the technology found in hospitals to sterilize equipment. High frequency radiation used inside ductwork kills off bacteria and viruses, many of which other purifiers won’t affect. The UV radiation is kept out of the way of people and poses no health threat.

There are other ways to clean the air in your home, such as duct cleaning, duct sealing, and dehumidifiers.

Call Justice Air Conditioning & Heating and talk to our Corpus Christi indoor air quality specialists to learn more about the various methods to improve the air you and your family breathe daily.

Why Schedule Professional Duct Sealing

Monday, April 21st, 2014

The majority of heating and air conditioning systems use air ducts in order to distribute heated and cooled air throughout a building. This is a very effective method of doing so, and ductwork can be quite an efficient air distribution solution. However, there is no way in which you can hope for your HVAC system to operate properly if your air ducts are not properly sealed. The only way to ensure that this is the case is to schedule any necessary duct sealing with a skilled, trained professional. Of course, the fact that most of your ductwork is hidden from view means that it can be difficult for homeowners to realize when professional duct sealing is necessary at all. Here are a few tips from the pros at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating to help you determine if you need professional duct sealing in Corpus Christi, TX.

First of all, keep an eye on your heating and cooling costs. It stands to reason, after all, that if conditioned air is leaking out of your ductwork then your system is not going to operate as efficiently as it ought to. If you find that heating and cooling your home is much more expensive than it once was, give us a call. Over time your HVAC system will likely lose a bit of efficiency, but sudden or inexplicable spikes in operational costs are likely the result of air leaks in your ductwork system.

You may also find that airborne pollutants in your home are on the rise. Not only can poorly sealed air ducts allow heat to escape in the winter and to infiltrate the system during the summer, but they can also allow pollutants to work their way in. Once these pollutants are in your air ducts, the ductwork itself can go about distributing these pollutants throughout your entire home. If things seem dustier than normal in your home, or if your allergy symptoms are flaring up, your air ducts may be to blame. Call immediately for help determining if this is the case.

Remember that duct sealing requires much more than an amateur or DIY enthusiast wielding a roll of duct tape. Special materials must be used, and only a trained professional can access your ductwork safely. Schedule your duct sealing in Corpus Christi, TX with Justice Air Conditioning & Heating. We’ll make sure that your air ducts are in the great shape necessary to give you an outstanding performance.

Signs That You Need a Dehumidifier

Monday, April 14th, 2014

If you have very high levels of indoor pollutants in your home you may notice that there is a lot of dust coating surfaces, or you may even be able to see pollutants floating through the air. Of course, not every problem that you may experience with your indoor air quality is quite as easy to spot. One issue that many homeowners face, often without even realizing it, is a high level of humidity. To make sure that you restore the proper balance of humidity to your home, we have a great selection of whole house dehumidifiers for you to choose from. There is no more effective means by which you can reduce the amount of humidity in your home. Contact us today if you think that you could benefit from the installation of dehumidifier in Corpus Christi, TX. Here are a few warning signs to keep your eyes out for.

One major indicator that there is too much humidity in the air in your home is a muggy, stuffy quality to the air. Some humidity is necessary, as very dry air will not hold heat well and can lead to a number of problems. However, very humid air can hold too much heat, making the air feel heavy and the heat oppressive. You’ve probably heard people saying “it’s not the heat, it’s the humidity” at some point. This is what they mean when they do so.

You may also find that there is a lot of condensation on your windows or the exposed pipes in your home. Floors may also feel sticky with moisture. These problems may not seem like that serious a problem. Even if you’re fine with running a rag over your windows and pipes, though, keep in mind that prolonged exposure to very humid air can also lead to wood rot and the promotion of mildew or even mold development. These problems likely sound much more serious.

If there are any alarm bells going off regarding the possibility of humidity levels in your home, contact a member of the Justice Air Conditioning & Heating team today. We’ll help you find the best dehumidifier in Corpus Christi, TX for your needs, and we’ll make sure that it is properly serviced and installed. Only a professional can do this job, so call us today to learn more.

Tips for Improving Indoor Air Quality

Monday, March 31st, 2014

There is no denying the fact that a comfortable environment requires comfortable temperatures. If it is very hot out an air conditioner will greatly benefit your comfort, with a heater being necessary during the colder season. This is common sense. What many people fail to realize, though, is that your indoor air quality, can actually have a major impact on your comfort as well. Not only that, but it can affect the condition of your heating and air conditioning system as well as that of your home itself. To learn more about the ways in which indoor air quality impacts your comfort, call the pros at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating. For now, read these helpful tips to help you improve the quality of the air that you breathe.

Use an Air Filtration System

Are your allergies acting up? Is there an unusual amount of dust littering the surfaces in your home? Can you see pollutants floating by in the air? Whatever evidence you may have of declining air quality, you need to take action right away. Airborne pollutants can aggravate asthma symptoms and those of other respiratory ailments. They can also build up on vital HVAC components, causing them to operate less efficiently and effectively. While it is true that there is an air filter in your heating and cooling system, it is there to protect the condition of that equipment, not your indoor air quality. Investing in a supplemental air filter or air filtration system is the most effective way in which to rid your air of pollutants.

Determine What the Real Problem Is

Knowing precisely what you are dealing with is one of the most important factors in improving indoor air quality. For instance, airborne pollutants can be filtered out of the air with an air filtration system. If you have biological pollutants in your home, though, you may need a UV air purifier to destroy those microorganisms. They cannot be trapped in a filter. Likewise, high humidity levels will not be solved by an air filter or UV air purifier: a whole house dehumidifier, though, can be quite effective. We’ll help you determine what you need to clean up the air in your home.

Schedule Service with an IAQ Specialist

In some cases you may need specialized services, such as duct sealing, to keep pollutants out of your air ducts. In this event it is important that a skilled professional completes the task: there is no room for DIY attempts. The same is true of your IAQ equipment installation, repair and maintenance services. You need to work with a trained Corpus Christi, TX HVAC professional, such as those on the Justice Air Conditioning & Heating team, to ensure that proper completion of the job at hand.

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Saturday, February 15th, 2014

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