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Common Problems with an AC Zone Control System

Friday, March 27th, 2015

Like other motorized systems, your zone control system may need repair at some point. There are some repairs unique to zone control systems, as we’ll outline below, but one thing to always keep in mind is that repair work should always be performed by a trained expert. The specialists at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating can help with all your AC zone control system needs in Ingleside, TX, from installation to repair, so call us today!

Problem #1: Issues with the Motorized Dampers

Components with moving parts are more prone to malfunction than those that are stationary; as such, the motorized dampers of your zone control system may become stuck or issues may develop with the motor of the damper. In either case, it’s important to allow a trained expert to handle the problem.

Problem #2: Problems with the Control Panel

The control panel is the central communication center for your zone control system, taking instruction from the thermostats in each zone and then telling which dampers to open and close in order to achieve and maintain the set temperatures. Given its job, the control panel is highly electrical, so most of the common problems that develop with the control panel are electrical in nature: frayed or corroded wiring, electrical shorts, etc. Finding and repairing problems with the control panel can be tricky, so call an expert for help.

Problem #3: Issues with a Thermostat

The thermostat in each zone of your home acts as the temperature control center; should a problem develop with the thermostat, there will be a problem with the cooling in that zone. Thermostats can have dusty instrumentation that affects its ability to work correctly, wiring issues or be incorrectly calibrated.

The whole reason to have zone controlled AC is to achieve comfort and better energy efficiency, so if you are experiencing issues with your zone system in Ingleside, TX, call for one of our experts today!

The Safety Components of Modern Furnaces

Thursday, January 22nd, 2015

Furnaces have always dealt with materials that could be quite dangerous under the right circumstances. Far from resulting in their abandonment as a primary method of home heating, this simply led to the invention of more and better safety components over the years. Modern furnaces now have so many kinds of safety measures that they’re one of the safest combustion heaters around. Let’s examine a few of the safety components that can be found in modern furnaces.

The Limit Switch

The limit switch can occasionally be split into two different parts, but for the sake of brevity we’ll address it as one thing. The furnace limit switch is a small device that measures the internal temperature in the furnace plenum, which is the central chamber of the furnace. When the temperature inside the plenum reaches a certain point, the limit switch turns the air handler on to begin circulating air throughout the house. It doesn’t turn the air handler on right away, because that would blow cold air through the house until the furnace had a chance to warm up.

The limit switch also turns the furnace off if the temperature in the plenum gets too high, so the system won’t overheat. This is why it is listed as a safety component. This second function is also the cause of the behavior “short-cycling,” in which the furnace rapidly turns on and off as it overheats and provokes the limit switch.

Thermocouple/Flame Sensor

For furnaces that use a standing pilot, there are a number of different sensors that determine when to open the gas valve to feed the flame and when to close it. The thermocouple is an older part that created an electrical current when exposed to the pilot light. This current would travel to the gas valve and open it. When the pilot light blew out, the current would cease and the gas valve would close to prevent gas from flowing into the house. Modern flame sensors use different methods, but with the same result.

If you’d like to know more, call Justice Air Conditioning & Heating. We provide furnace services throughout Ingleside, TX.