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Why You Need Commercial Air Conditioning Repair

Monday, July 21st, 2014

Your commercial air conditioning system gets a lot of use over the summer, helping you keep customers, clients, tenants, or employees feeling comfortable. However, this extended use can lead to eventual breakdowns, which means you’ll need repair services done quickly and reliably. If you run into problems with your commercial AC system in Rockland, don’t wait to schedule repairs. Here are some reasons you should consider commercial air conditioning repair today.

A broken air conditioner can be discouraging for anyone who uses your commercial property. Tenants and employees may have complaints while clients and customers may take their business elsewhere. Business suffers without proper climate control, and scheduling repairs immediately can reflect positively on your image, showing that you are committed to the comfort of everyone in the building.

Furthermore, repair needs can sometimes escalate into larger problems later on. If you hear a strange noise or notice limited cooling, you may think that you can wait a little longer to address the problem. However, even if it doesn’t appear to be an emergency, anything out of place is an indicator that your system is in trouble. Fixing your leaking refrigerant now, for example, can prevent the possibility of a damaged compressor later, a more costly repair.

Problems with your air conditioner can also cause your system to consume a lot of energy, costing you money every month. If you notice higher-than-average energy bills, it may be time to schedule repairs. High energy bills may be caused by leaking refrigerant, faulty wiring, a blocked coil or a damaged compressor.

Waiting too long for commercial air conditioning repair in Rockland can turn into a huge hassle. You’re busy managing your commercial property, so a sudden breakdown would be quite an inconvenience for you and the people who use your property. You also want the job done right the first time, so you need a technician who is experienced in large-scale commercial air conditioning repairs.

When you need commercial air conditioning repair in Rockport, call one of the qualified technicians at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating.

3 Things to Look for in a New Air Conditioning System

Friday, May 23rd, 2014

As another summer gears up in Texas, it’s time to assess whether your old AC is ready to handle the heat. If you think that you need to have a new system installed, but feel nervous about trying to make the choice about a replacement, you don’t need to worry. We have some advice here about what you should look for in a new AC.

However, since you will need professional installers to handle the actual work, you should have them involved from the start with selecting the new unit. They will take factors about your home’s cooling needs and your budget to assist you with making the best choice.

Justice Air Conditioning & Heating has an HVAC installation team to make your air conditioning replacement in Rockport, TX as stress-free as possible.

Look for these 3 things in a replacement AC

  1. High SEER: SEER stands for “seasonal energy efficiency rating,” and it measures how well an AC converts electricity into cooling power. The higher the number, the more efficiently it uses energy, and the less you can expect to pay on your utility bills. You should have a central air conditioner with a minimum of 14.5 SEER, the requirement for the ENERGY STAR label.
  2. Humidity control: Through their standard operation, air conditioners remove humidity from the indoor air. However, they are not designed specifically for this purpose and could dry the space too much. If you are concerned about moisture levels and as a result, the overall indoor air quality in your home, look for a unit with option for humidity control.
  3. Long estimated lifespan: Modern ACs have longer service lives than ones made only 10 years past, often in the range of 15–20 years. (Older units usually lasted around 12 years.) If having an energy saving unit with high SEER is important to you, also make sure that the AC will endure long enough so that you can get the maximum savings possible. A more expensive air conditioning system can earn its cost back many times if it works for 20 years before needing a replacement.

We know that trying to select a new AC for your home can seem overwhelming, but we’re here to help you with the process. Our skilled technicians at Justice Air Conditioning & Heating can assist you with narrowing down your choices until you land on the right system for you. From there, we can handle all the major work so that your air conditioning replacement in Rockport, TX will go off without a hitch and you can enjoy many years of ideal comfort.