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If You’re Installing a New AC This Spring, Include Zone Control

Monday, March 14th, 2016

Spring is a popular time of the year for installing new air conditioning systems. Putting in an AC during this season means you can take advantage of the more open schedules of HVAC technicians and have the new cooling system in place before the worst of the heat arrives.

If an air conditioning installation is in your future, then we suggest that you add an improvement to your HVAC system along with it: a zone control system. (more…)

Is Zone Control Good for a Single-Story Home?

Thursday, February 5th, 2015

Have you ever wished you could customize your home’s heating and cooling by area instead of managing to a single temperature setting? With a zone control system you can. It doesn’t matter whether your home is one story or three, a zone control system in your Port Aransas, TX, home can help you achieve the ultimate level of control over your heating and cooling.

How Does It Work?

Zone control systems consist of a series of motorized dampers that are installed into your supply-side ductwork. These dampers are wired to a main control panel that manages the operation of the dampers. Once you and your technician have divided your home into zones, the technician will install the dampers and the main control panel. He/she will then install thermostats into every zone; these thermostats will also be connected to the main control panel. When the system is operational, and temperatures are set in each zone, the control panel opens and closes the dampers as needed to maintain the temperature you’ve set in each zone.

Why Consider a Zone Control System?

There are a few key benefits that a zone control system can offer you that are worth considering:

  • Customized comfort – you no longer have to deal with uneven heating, or being too hot or too cold because of a single-set thermostat.
  • Better energy efficiency – when you have a ducted system without zone control, you cannot close a register to help control the air as it imbalances the system and causes problems. With a zone control system, you use only the heating and cooling you want, which helps reduce your energy usage.
  • Less stress on your HVAC system – when your system operates less, as it can with a zone control system, there is less stress on the system; this helps reduce wear and tear.
  • Extends the life of your system – when your system doesn’t have to operate under stressful conditions, the system has a better chance of lasting longer.

If you’ve wanted more control over your HVAC system, contact Justice Air Conditioning & Heating and speak to one of our experts about a zone control system for your home.